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PRO PAD gel pak

click on "PRO PAD" in center of seat click on "PRO PAD" in center of seat



ADVANCED Custom Design
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For the most comfortable ride of your life - "PRO PADS" distribute weight evenly & reduces pressure areas. All "PRO PADS" are available and can be installed in all stock or aftermarket seats.

Now Installed WHILE U WAIT! Call Alligator Bob for more information at 847.265.9378


What is a dry viscoelastic polymer? It is a very soft synthetic rubber that is vulcanized by intensive crosslinking and cured to a stable solid.

Why is it better? The solid state material gives it properties that gels do not have. Namely; load bearing capacity, elongation, elasticity, degree of firmness, and tensile strength. This means the material: provides even weight distribution, dissipates heat better, absorbs vibration 10-15 times better than gels or foams. Wide range of temperatures, -60F to 210F. The results are total comfort for the rider or passenger.

Does it come in different sizes? The seat insert currently comes in three sizes. Standard (for most bikes), large (i.e. Softails) and the P-PAD for the smaller passenger seats.

Where can I get it installed? You are in luck, right here! Give Alligator Bob a call for a plan that works best for you. Send your seat directly to us and we will be happy to add the ride of your life to a stock or custom seat. Stop on by or give us a call at 847.265.9378

Can I use it without having it installed? Sure, we have a top pad cover that sits on your existing seat and allows you to use the insert without having it installed.

Does it come with a guarantee? Yes, Alligator Bob stands by all of his work 100%. The seat insert and the top pads comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

What if I already have a custom seat? This is what we are all about. We do a custom install on the most exotic seats while retaining that custom look, but adding the comfort of a soft polymer pad. Most people who already have custom seats have us re-build their existing one or have a second seat made once they see our quality, options and exotic inventory. For custom installs send your seat directly to us or bring it on by.

Call Alligator Bob and get your "PRO PAD" today! 847.265.9378

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