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Custom Seat Pans

If you can't find a seat to fit your custom bike, we can pour a fiberglass pan on your bike. You can have a perfect fit. We will design the foam any way you want. If you are in the area, you can sit on the foam, once it's designed, to give us the o.k. that it fits. If you are far away, you or your bike builder can make a seat pan that fits your bike, send the pan to us, we will add the foam and return it to you...to check the fit. We will also draw lines on the foam to show you how we are going to make the cover.

If you need any help, call Alligator Bob. ADVANCED has made many seats for out of state custom bike builders and customers. Let us make you a one of a kind seat, that fits your bike perfect!

"Alligator Bob"




ADVANCED Custom Design
39442 N. Route 59
Lake Villa, IL 60046


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