Saddlebags and Accessories
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Saddlebags and Accessories

Saddlebags are constructed of 11oz. premium black leather. Strong enough to hold
it's shape for many years of use. Inlays of your choice of exotic skins are available for
seats, saddlebags and accessory pouches.



  Hand Tooled & Carved Bag  
  Polaris Bag  
  Road King Set  
  Skull Bag  
  Excelsior Set  
  Red Leather - Indian  
  Tank Pads and Pouch  
  Ostrich and Crocodile  
  Python and Scottish Leather  
  Red Leather - Indian  
  Harley with bags  

ADVANCED Custom Design
39442 N. Route 59
Lake Villa, IL 60046

These hand made classic bags are perfect for your bike.

Each bag is custom made, so there are no two bags alike.



The finest leather from a 100 year old Scottish Tannery.

Hand laced with Kangaroo, crocodile or any skin you choose.

Sterling silver strap tips, chonchos and engraved buckles.

Real bones on chonchos.

ADVANCED Custom Design

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