Exceptional Leather
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Exceptional Leathers

These are hides from a 100 year old Scottish tannery. They take their time & still follow old fashioned, time honored customs. Many colors & grains available.

Water proof leather contains oils, wax & silicone to protect them from the elements.
Theme Bike - Check it Out!!     Theme Bike - Check it Out!!
NEW Seat TATTOOS - Leather Custom Leather Carved Patches Hand Tooled and Carved Leather
Red Leather - Indian Red Leather - Indian Red Leather - Indian
Excelsior Set Buckskin Skull Bag Iron Horse Black and Purple Leather Grey Scottish Leather
Flame Seat - Leather & Alligator Leather Star Seat Red Leather Solo Black & Burgandy set Polaris
Tank Pads - 5 Styles Tank Pads and Pouch Full Dresser Fatboy Seat Matched to Paint Design Leather & Alligator



ADVANCED Custom Design
39442 N. Route 59
Lake Villa, IL 60046





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