Stingray, Guitar Stingray & Color Choices

Stingray skins are available in 15 different colors and Guitar Stingray skins are available in 4 different colors.

The first skin on the top left is the larger stingray skin and is used where more area of the seat needs to be filled. The picture of the second skin on the top left is referred to as a "guitar" stingray because of its long and skinny shape. This would be used in smaller designs. Both of these skins have something we refer to as "jewels" or the white spot in the center of the skin. The guitar stingray has this jewel running down the center of the entire skin.

What is the jewel?

The jewel is actually a calcium deposit. This is unique and varies in size on each skin. When finished this jewel adds an attractive and distinctive look to your seat, saddlebag or accessory and many people choose to design around this aspect of the skin.

click here for a close up of a dark purple stingray jewel.